Maximize recruitment ROI with targeted & emotional job Ads

How a generic recruitment marketing campaign
becomes a targeted and engaging candidate journey
that attracts more talents at scale.

to build your story

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Craft your high performing
campaigns under one single hub.

Limestory's MicroStorytelling engine creates your storytelling funnels and
sets them free in the universe - where they can drive deep , genuine connections.

Define your candidate
marketing funnel

Walk through a quick questionnaire
to understand and define your recruiting campaign.

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Install a standalone page or embeddable
story widgets on every digital channel
(i.e , website , social media , ads , etc.)

Build emotional connections
with your candidates

Giving prospects a way to meet your
"hero" - the face of your brand -
spark a dialogue and connect
with you instantly and authentically
based on their needs

Storytelling enhances
talent attraction online

More engagement in the first month

Reduced advertising costs

Boost in conversion rate

The MicroStorytelling 

Paul Smith
Business Storytelling Coach Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller – Sell with a Story

"Storytelling is really the best vehicle
we have as marketers to create those emotional connections."

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Stories sell and build emotional connections. Use LimeStory’s storytelling journeys to build meaningful human relationships with your candidates and drive revenue.

Unlock your storytelling funnels online

From generic job ads and applications to
interactive, engaging stories.

Craft your story and:

Build your authority as an expert in your niche

Solidify your message

Connect with your relevant community

Create emotional connections with unique visitors

Our Founding Story

No budget, no leads. Right?

That’s what LimeStory founder and CEO Afik discovered while working in business development in a highly competitive industry, where he was tasked with the impossible: impactful growth with a miniscule budget.

He decided to experiment with elements of traditional storytelling—hooks, cliffhangers, climaxes, characters that drew people in, to name a few—and found that they didn’t just lead to memorable stories; they also made for impactful marketing campaigns that won every time. Goliath, meet David.

He teamed up with CTO Tal, and together they fleshed it out. Later, they reached out to one of the best storytellers in the world, Paul Andrew Smith, to create the methodology.

LimeStory, the world’s first storytelling content and engagement engine, was born.

Afik Bar Yoel ​
CEO & Founder
Tal Sheratzky ​
CTO & Co founder
Paul Smith
Business Storytelling Coach Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller - Sell with a Story

Unlock your storytelling funnels online