Storifying Marketing Campaigns Across All Platforms.

Creating emotional connections
that impacts your revenues.

to build your story

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Sharing exciting stories online

Marketing should create emotional
brand attachment using LimeStory

Setup a narrative for landing pages,
ppc campaigns, social ads, email
marketing, ecommerce shops and more…

Build your own exciting storytelling workflow
to increase your lead generation conversion rate.

Storytelling automation to communicate
your vision

The “Micro Storytelling Workflow” is a Proven Science to convert online website visitors into customers. It speaks to our emotions and interacts with the decision-making part of our brain.

Adrenaline creation with emotional insights

Investigating emotional web behavior to maximize buyer’s engagements.
Tracking and reducing online abandonment in real-time.

Refreshing marketing basics to unlock virality

Sharing engaging stories in a
special way that builds attachment
to your brand outline.

Ongoing campaigns with fresh
content that never stops with
banners, SMS, email and more.

Developed to enlarge COVID-19
sales scale.

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Every business has
a story to tell and emotions to touch

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